Hawaiian Punch Case Analysis

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Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages is a an integrated business company of PLC-Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc; Snapple Beverage Group; and Mott’s. The integration of the three business units had a special significance for Hawaiian Punch. By 1999, Cadbury Schweppes/PLC acquired all rights to Hawaiian Punch from Proctor & Gamble. Since the acquisition, Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., the third largest soft drink manufacturer in the United States, distributed the brand through its bottler network in the carbonated soft drink aisle or location of the supermarkets and other retail outlets. Hawaiian Punch was the only brand marketed by Cadbury Schweppes that employed two distinct and separate manufacturing, sales, and distribution networks to stock and serve an identical beverage for the same retail customer. Problem Definition

To prepare the 2005 Hawaiian Punch business marketing plan. Analysis
As mentioned before, Cadbury Schweppes employs two distinctively different networks. Before preparing such marketing business plans, we must evaluate the differences among the two different networks. First we will evaluate the Finished Goods (FG) network and then the Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) network. The finished goods network operates as follows. Cadbury Schweppes manufactures the juice drink, and then packages the product into 1-gallon, half gallon, and 6.75 ounce single-serve pouches. After the packaging is complete, the product is then shipped to warehouses and distribution centers for delivery to supermarkets and other retail outlets for sale in the juice aisle of supermarkets. The Direct-store delivery (DSD) manufacturing, sales, and distribution networks for Hawaiian Punch operate as follows. A bottler that is outsourced from the organization buys the concentrates, in which it is combined with sweeteners and water, packaged in bottles or cans, and then sold to retailers. The bottler’s primary sales contact is with a retailer’s soft drink buyer....
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