CU294111 Review The Range Of Groups

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1.1- Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role:

It is an integral part of my role communicating with young people, parents/carers and various professionals within a residential setting.

I always discuss subjects/issues with the young people judging on their level of understanding and their cultural background. I have to be mindful of their frame of mind at the time, when communicating with these service users. I have to ensure that the language that I am using is clear, as the young people are from various parts of the country; this is to ensure that I am not misunderstood or what I am saying is misinterpreted, as if this was to occur it could have serious implications in the form of behavioural issues.

I communicate with other professionals and share information with these various agencies on a daily basis. These professionals include, Social Workers, Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO), Health Workers, Youth Offending Team (YOT) and Education professionals. I approach this is a professional manner using a variety of communication methods. These include verbal, either by telephone or in person, via E-mail or by using the Royal Mail postal service. LAC reviews are also an excellent arena for communication, as all the professionals involved are present at these meeting. The young people’s care plans can then be updated to reflect the decisions made at these meetings. Weekly chronologies are emailed to the Social Workers to provide them with updates regarding their young people progress in their current placement.

I have regular contact with the parents/carers of the young people who are residents at Sycamore House. I communicate with these in a professional, non judgemental and sensitive manner. This is mainly accomplished by telephone.

Monthly consultations are sent to all involved with the young people’s care. The feedback that is received on these...
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