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10 point service Plan

By duchesslyness Oct 14, 2014 646 Words

Name: Catherine Bradley


10 point Service Quality Plan and Evaluation

The following 10 point plan has been devised as a result of the SWOT and PEST analyses carried out on the organisation I work for. The research methology used a broad quantative approach and consists of a sample of 10 staff members and 10 service users. (See Appendice A). The questions relate to both sectors and Consent was agreed from all the participants. The rationale for the questions was used to establish if service users and staff have an awareness of the quality of service being provided and how this might be improved. The biggest asset the organisation have is their staff, this survey is important as it has given a voice to both service user and staff and allowed me to see where the improvements can be made to improve on and provide a quality service. Results varied slightly between service users and staff, with each group citing areas that could be improved as shown in the 10 point plan. Original results are shown in Appendice B. Ten point plan to improve customer service


The ten point plan shown above provides an overview of the SWOT and PEST analyses carried out on the organisation. It also reflects how service users’ and staff feel about current service provision Survey results

The average age of service user surveyed ranged from 26% to 40%

Staff ages were slightly higher

These charts reflect the average age groups of service users and staff. At present there are no service users or staff of retirement age. Combined results show that there is not enough communication between residential and day services. It was felt that better communication would provide families with security in knowing person centeredness was at the heart of joint services and that they could work together in harmony.

Findings also show information could be improved in relation to the organisation. This can be improved on as the organisation tries to expand its services. There needs to be a balance between trying to expand and over –publicizing as resources do not allow a huge increase in residents at the present time.

Findings show that staff would benefit from specific training in independent living programmes. At present only two or three staff members qualified in systematic training. This is certainly an area which needs to be looked at especially when the service promotes independent living. A good record in promoting social inclusion would be a huge advantage for raising the profile of the organisation.

At present there is no formal complaints procedures within the organisation, although complaints are dealt with when they arise it was felt that a formal procedure is needed.
Another area of concern to service users was use of resources, where some service users have access to services such as counseling, chiropody dental etc... And others have not. The organisation prioritises some cases and this is seen as an unfair advantage for some. A more equal share of resources is required to bridge this gap.

Resources are a major concern for the organisation, in the present climate it is necessary to look at how resources are used. This applies to utilising abilities of staff as well as funding. Cuts will have to be made but better use of resources could mimimise the effects of this.

The findings did show that policies and procedure need to be updated and reformed. Policies and procedures are a set of documents that describe an organization's policies for operation and the procedures necessary to fulfill the policies. They are often initiated because of some external requirement, such as environmental compliance or other governmental regulations, it is important that the organisation update its policies and procedures to promote best practice. A policies and procedures handbook is also required to set proper guidelines and inform people of the organisational systems and structures.

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