Unit HSC 51 Use Of Communication System

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Social work Pages: 4 (2194 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Unit HSC 51 Use of communication systems knowledge questions.

1.1 Who are the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role Social services: are assigned to the young person who identify the young person needs, to ensure they are safeguarded, and to ensure the welfare of the child are met and implemented in the home. As a manager I need to be clear of my knowledge in all aspect of the policies practice and procedures of the home to be able to communicate well with the social worker, to deliver the package of the home to the placing authorities effectively, showing the consistency in myself and staff experience. I believe you need to be warm and welcoming and very approachable but still keeping a professional air of respect. Health workers, and education: the groups of professional I need to communicate to ensure the needs of the child are met, are in writing verbally via email or face to face with the young person registering within 72 hours of admission to the home. The Parents: I work in partnership with the parents concerning their child needs? (If the parent has parental rights, I put in place the young person wish and views, (their spoken language will I need to get an interpreter, by Makaton ( a sign language programme using signs and symbols.) helps continuality flows straight away to make them feel settled more quicker. Communication can become very difficult on the first initial meeting this can be very upsetting for the young person and the parents/carer you need to make them feel comfortable of the setting by your sensitive approach, picking you words very carefully, not to emphasise thing that are not their or will never happen but to explain the reality of things so there is no misunderstanding. Young people: As a senior residential therapeutic support worker I communicate with young people with challenging behaviour, disabilities, learning difficulties which can make communication quite...
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