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De Dana Dan, Wake Up Sid, Dhoom, Phir Hera Pheri and Matrix are some excellent examples of movies with covert advertising. Brands such as Coca Cola, ICICI Bank, Domino’s, Nokia, Aston Martin and Suzuki have placed themselves in these movies. Nowadays, these tactics are common in most of the films. Some very well managed product placements appear to be quiet natural, if not logical. But some seem to be badly inspired by a commercial spin-off, with all the negative consequences it may generate on the audience. Take for instance, the Hollywood flick, ‘What Women Wants’. This Mel Gibson starrer has a Nike commercial as a part of the script. It gets with the script so well that you don’t realize you’re watching a commercial camouflaged in the screenplay. Now the Bollywood flick, the girls beating the boys fighting sequence in ‘Chak De’ has been referred to as the McDonald’s fight scene merely because it takes place in one of the outlets. Again there is no mention of McDonald’s in the entire film as it has been seamlessly embedded.

Table of Contents

Objectives of the study5
Some Latest Indian Examples6
Advantages of Covert Advertising9
Failure in Covert Advertising10
Covert Advertising in Video games11
Connection between Brands and Films12
Six elements of strategy for in-film branding and communication13 Covert Advertising is different from Celebrity Endorsement14 PRODUCT PLACEMENT : A TECHNIQUE OF ‘COVERT ADVERTISING’14 Types of Product Placement15


Over the years Advertising has emerged as a key component of integrated Marketing communication. Moreover, it has adjusted with the changing economic environment and consumer behavior. The clutter in the product market and media has made the task challenging for marketers to reach their consumers. Thus both the Media and Advertiser’s search for innovative advertising techniques led to ‘Covert Advertising’. Covert Advertising is a medium through which branded products are placed in movies, which is visible to consumers without any distraction. Leveraging on the entertainment value, emotional quotient of the film and its psychological impact on viewers has led the advertisers to utilize this medium. The phenomenon is gaining momentum due to its clutter free feature and advantages of celebrity endorsement for the product or brand in a movie. This advertising technique brings in an additional source of income for film producers, advertisers, corporate’s and it has proved to be a technique to strengthen their brand. A few firms get product placement at no cost by supplying their product to the movie company (Nike does not pay to be in movies but often supplies shoes, jackets, bags, etc). Scripts are tailor made for the desired brand so that when they are incorporated they look natural.It is done through special mention in the programs, placement of logo or may be a shot of that particular brand. Movies have been used as the most popular platform for product placement. Showman Subhash Ghai’s Yaadein showcased brands like Pass-pass and coca-cola. But recall the Rishi Kapoor starrer Karz by the filmmaker, which had an entire song sequence with the Emami banner at the backdrop. Similarly time and again we have witnessed so many brands like ICICI, Yamaha, Pepsi, Lays in movies Aakhein, Baghban, Dhoom, Khushi and Krissh respectively. Product placement, as the numbers suggests is bringing revolutionary change in entertainment economics.

Objectives of the study

The following are the objectives of this research study :-
To study the present scenario of covert advertising in the world. •To study the future prospects of covert advertising and their scope for the multimedia. •To study the techniques used by the film makers, directors and companies. •To measure the success...

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• Advertising, Edited by Prateek Kanchan, ICFAI University Press
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