Corporate Culture Southwest Airlines

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Discuss the corporate culture at Southwest Airlines and how it leverages its culture to achieve a competitive advantage.

The corporate culture at Southwest Airlines can be defined within three areas including, core value, management style, and compensation. Southwest Airlines organization structure incorporated several areas but I was impressed with these three the most. Southwest Airlines had two core values, which emphasized on LUV and fun. Not only was LUV the company’s signature symbol or recruiting theme, but eventually this core value grew into Southwest’s core word for treating individuals, including customers and employees. Both customer and employees were expected to be treated with respect and dignity. This would soon be incorporated with red hearts on banners and posters as reminders of compassion that was expectant toward employees and customers. Fun was also incorporated into the company’s core value as a form of behavior that employees exhibited while performing their jobs. The company’s day-to-day operations included jokes and pranks, as well as frequent company-sponsored party to boost employee moral.

The management team within Southwest Airlines were given roles to ensure that employees were proud of the company that they worked for. Managers were expected to spend at least one-third of their time amongst there workers, observing and ensuring that demands were met and also listening to employees concerns and suggestions. Managers and company executives were very approachable, enforcing an open-door policy, and actively listening to employee concerns.

Compensation is a very important to employees regardless of the company that they work for. Employees are expected to be compensated for performance. Southwest Airlines pay scales have been known to be above industry average, offering employees good wages and benefit packages. The organization offers profit-sharing plans for senior employees, along with stock option programs, and 401...
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