Southwest Airline Case Study

Topics: Airline, Southwest Airlines, ATA Airlines Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: April 17, 2013
BUS 330 Writing Assignment

The paper is about how the airline company named as the Southwest Airlines has been able to cater to the needs of the customers while still holding a greater market share in the Airline industry specifically during the economic crises phase.

Q1: As a high – contact service provider, how does Southwest Airlines ensure that its employees satisfy the customer? As far as the employee training is concerned, the employees are extensively trained so as such to ensure that they are able to satisfy the arising concerns and needs of the customers effectively and efficiently. They are actually made to practically exercise resolving complaints and other service problems on the spot. Moreover the employees are made to look professional and behave in a professional manner because they have to deal directly with the customer. One-on-one communication and query handling requires good communication and interpersonal skills to ensure the supreme satisfaction of the customers and their complaints. Otherwise; the demand for their product will eventually die out. The product that this airline is offering is a travel solution for the customers; with the standards set as the low airfares and high service standards. They provide attentive service to the customers in the sky and on the ground and see every flight as an opportunity to underpin and reinforce its reputation for a friendly service that caters to all the flight related concerns of the employees. Another point mentioned in the case is that this Southwest Airlines has a mission statement as: delivering the services with a smile shows that the airline genuinely cares about the customers. A cultural committee is appointed at the headquarters that enables to keep the service spirit alive. Moreover for every airport, they have these committees that ensure service spirit eventually upgrading the customer service area. Furthermore, there are maintenance facilities available across...
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