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Topics: Nutrition, Health, Personal life Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: August 20, 2014
Convenience foods especially fast foods have being very popular food choice in this modern life. Convenience foods are ready-prepared foods and easy to be consumed. There are many types of convenience foods such as bread, cheese, burgers and pizza. Consuming convenience foods have become one of the lifestyle in this modern day because it is make human’s life easier; however there is a negative impact on human health. To begin with, many people believe that convenience foods have made humans life easier. In today life’s many people especially in the city prefer to consume convenience foods because they are occupied with their daily activities such as work, school etc. According to Bryan (2002) most of people like to consume convenience foods especially fast foods such as pizza and pasta. One of the reasons is because they have limited or no time to prepare homemade food. Therefore, some people preferred convenience foods because it is more efficient to get ready-made meals from supermarket and it is also can save time to do other activities. However, convenience foods have a negative impact to human health. It is because they contain chemicals, a lot of calories and fat. In fact, in developed countries to save time people consume more convenience foods and forget to eat balanced and healthy food. It is causes serious problem health later. Especially for children, to eat balanced and healthy food is important for help their growth. As a result of many people suffer for obesity or heart problems, and malnutrition because of consume unhealthy food.

In conclusion, convenience foods are ready-prepared food for ease consumption. It is helping people on saving their time to focus on other activities but there is serious impact on human’s health especially for children who needs to consume balance and healthier food for their development. To reduce the risk of health problem, people need to have balance food consumption and diet by consuming healthier homemade...
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