The Problem and Its Background

Topics: Supply and demand, Investment, Economics Pages: 4 (908 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Feasibility Study
Microfinance: Mini Snack Bar Located Inside a Residential Area

Submittted to:
Professor Danilo F. Gulfan

Submitted by: Praise R. Capili

The Problem and It’s Background

The purpose of the research is to determine whether or not establishing a mini snack bar with a limited capital in a residential area is feasible.
The snack bar will be offering an array of common snack items such as hamburger, hotdog sandwich, french fries, fish balls and shake.

Background of the Study
Snack bars are commonly seen in almost every place you go. It is because people nowadays are always on the go and they seek foods that are almost instantly prepared and cheap. Common food items seen are Hotdog sandwich, Hamburger, French Fries, Fish Ball and Shake. These products will be the focus of the study.

Statement of the Problem
The study tries to determine the viability of putting up a small snack bar business in a residential area.
Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

The Marketing Aspect
1.) What are the opportunities and threats of the business? 2.) What are the demand and supply conditions in the current market? 3.) Who will be the best target market?
4.) How much is the estimated selling price and production cost?

The Management Aspect
1.) What is the form of ownership planned by the business proponents? 2.) Who are the people involved in managing the proposed business?

The Technical Aspect
1.) What are the components needed in coming up with the products? 2.) What are the facilities required in the operation of the business? 3.) What is the layout and location of the stall?

The Financial Aspect
1.) What are the financial assumptions used in generating the projected financial statements? 2.) How much is the total project capital investment requirement? 3.) How do the...
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