Does Burger King or Mcdonald Serve Cheap and Healthy Fast Food?

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Research and decision making
Does Burger king or McDonald serve cheap and healthy Fast Food?

Does Burger king or McDonald serve cheap and healthy Fast Food

There are number of players in this fast food business like McDonald , Burger King , KFC, Wendy’s all are fast food restaurant which deals with variety of calorie intake food, some of them are nutritious while some of them are just fat intake. Research only McDonald and Burger King which has the healthy food. There has been some rules by the health government that restaurant should display calorie intake in each food in their menus to display. It is very necessary to know which has the healthy food. But that also count whether that healthy food is affordable by everyone or by few, so the health food is cheap or expensive. Generally fast food intake is by youngster and if they take unhealthy food at this age it cause to various diseases like obesity , high cholesterol etc.The data for the nutritious facts has been collected of each McDonald and Burger King which is analyzed and conclude that McDonald serve the cheap and healthy fast food.

Importance of question:
Large chains such as Mc Donald’s and Burger king have become household names and are a common sight on most high streets. In the present era of health consciousness the popularity of brand is highly influenced by the food value and price. By the term healthy we are most concerned with the fat content and total calories provided.

Acknowledgement of Data Source:
The data was collected from the below website which has data for major players in fast food sector. Data for Burger King and McDonalds was abstracted from the source.

“According to the book Fast Food Nation by American journalist Eric Schlosser, America is the world's number one consumer of fast food, fuelling a market estimated to be worth $120 billion a year. It is generally thought that fast food is the domain of the young people certainly fast food outlets are a popular meeting place for teenagers and a students.”(Retrieved from

Recent concern over obesity food poisoning and BSE (“mad cow disease”) has forced the industry to address issues of food quality and nutrition more seriously. Fast food meals are generally high in calories and fat which are known to increase the risk of many diseases.

Sample Data for Burger King
|Product |Type |Price |Size |Total Fat |Saturated Fat |Calories |Sodium | |Burger King Bacon Double Cheeseburger |Burger |2.59 |7.6 |39 |19 |640 |1180 | |Burger King BK Broiler |Chicken |2.89 |9.1 |25 |5 |550 |1110 | |Burger King Chicken Sandwich (breaded) |Chicken |2.94 |7.9 |39 |8 |660 |1330 | |Burger King Whopper |Burger |2.34 |9.8 |39 |12 |680 |940 |

|Statistics | | | |Calories |Price |Total Fat | |N |Valid |10 |10 |10 | | |Missing |0 |0 |0 | |Mean |625.00 |3.2150 |36.90 | |Median |625.00 |2.9700 |39.00 |

The above table shows the mean values for 10 items from burger king menu, we see that the average calories is 625 with an average price of 3.21 and 36.90 Fat.

Sample data for McDonald
|Product |Type |Price |Size |Total Fat |Saturated Fat...

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