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Topics: Hotel chains, Hotel, Website Pages: 5 (2058 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The purpose of doing this research is to see how beneficial hotel websites are for different hotels and learn the positive and negative points about having an internet interface for people to browse and book their hotel of choice on. As a group we had to research three different hotels in Malaysia and explore and compare them to see which out of the three hotel websites had better features, availability of information and user interface. The three hotels we chose to use for our assignment are the Shangri La, Concorde and Tune Hotels and we chose these three as we thought they would give us a wide range of information and they would each have quite different styles of websites as the star rating that they have widely differ. Description of Chosen Websites Including Their Features, Available Information and Comparisons of the Websites The Shangri La website has an extremely inviting look to it. The colours used are very homely and warm which gives it a very welcoming feel which makes you want to book a room and stay there straight away. The picture used for the home page shows the relaxation and great hospitality that occurs as soon as you step into the hotel and with all of the green nature in the background it gives the hotel a very natural and environmental vibe. Thisgave us all the impression that booking a room will be very simple and enjoyable, just like being at the hotel.The Concorde website doesn’t have the same first impression. We felt that when you first go on to the website, it doesn’t make you feel like you want to stay there. It seems very ‘showy’ and black and white and it doesn’t give us any attraction at all to book there. It seems almost too focussed on the business lifestyle and doesn’t make us attracted to stay at the hotel at all. TuneHotels websites first impressions aren’t great. There isn’t anything that makes you want to stay there and it’s all very basic and boring. There is nothing but information and it wouldn’t have a chance of making us book a room there. Based alone on first impressions out of these three hotel websites, we decided that the Shangri La won by a mile. The tool bar menu at the top of the page for the Shangri La is simple and doesn’t have too many things which we feel is a good thing, because it has the main topics; the things that you would initially go onto the website for. Unlike on the Concorde’s website, there are way too many options on the top tool bar and it makes the user feel like they are being bombarded with information and you just don’t know where to start. All of the options on the tool bar of the Concorde website can all be found on the Shangri La’s as well, but the Shangri La’s is much more concise and better managed as they have a top and bottom tool bar with different information on each.The Concorde website has a lot of options and they are the same options for the top and bottom tool bar, which we felt wasn’t very conducive for the websites layout. The Tune Hotel’s tool bar menu is a plus for their website because it’s simple and easy to navigate around. Even though the layout of the Shangri La’s tool bar menus are much better, on the tool bar of Concorde and Tune Hotel when you hover your mouse over one of the topics, there is a drop-down menu which is really good because it makes it very convenient for the user as they can see all of the submenu’s that are under each category.Rather than with the Shangri La’s where you have to click and be directed to the next page to find out what other information is on that page. Having this function on the Tune Hotel and Concorde website makes the websites much more user friendly than the Shangri La’s in terms of looking for information, because it’s so much easier to navigate around as you know exactly what information is on which page. For the Concorde and the Tune Hotel website, on the homepage they both have booking forms, but on the Shangri La’s website they don’t have this function on the homepage,...
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