Unit 10 D1 + D2

Topics: Data collection, Research, Sampling Pages: 5 (1612 words) Published: June 16, 2013
To: N Talty-Nangle
From: Zaid Khan
Date: 16/11/12

Terms of Reference
In this essay I will be explaining and evaluating the method chosen and used by Pinewood Hotel in order to gain a better insight onto how aspects of their website are rated, and how it compares to their competitors. In addition to this, I will evaluate the findings that were gained from the research method used by the researchers at Pinewood Hotel.

The information used in this report was gained from several different sources. For example, I have used information from my P4 survey, as well as my P3, M2 presentation and my M1 table of various data collection methods.

To begin within the p4 task, we had to design and construct a questionnaire using surveys which included 15 questions. These questions were based on the market research objectives which were to investigate the various aspects of pinewood hotels website is, as well as comparing the company’s website to its competitors, to enquire about the quality of the online services, how accessible the company’s website is. The aim was to have 30 people fill the surveys out, 15 females, and 15 males. The surveys using questionnaires were presented face to face and included a variety of closed and open questions so we could gain enough information so it can enable the business clients to make necessary decisions/changes. I will contrast and compare my method of surveys to other data collection methods used in the case study.

The data collection method I used was surveys. This was different to the methods highlighted in the Pinewood Hotels’ case study such as; Focus Groups and interviews. The difference between the two methods was that focus groups and interviews tend to have more qualitative data, as people will express their opinions and views in person, which can enable the market researcher to get a better insight into whether the people wanted real time information on the company’s website. This would be different to my chosen method as surveys using questionnaires are most often considered due to the level of quantative and qualitative data within the responses, which can be quite effective in terms of gathering information on Pinewood Hotels’ online services and aspects to their website. The qualitative data received would be used efficiently so get a better understanding of their market research objectives which are to see the quality of different aspects of Pinewood Hotels’ services such as; content, accessibility, navigation, fundability etc. In addition to this, surveys can also give market researchers quantitative data which is crucial in terms of achieving their marketing objectives to make comparisons between the aspects of Pinewoods Hotel’s website to their competitors. Other comparisons would include that surveys are a cheaper primary data collection method than focus groups and surveys. This is because focus groups require specific amount of people which could cost locating, as well as the documents needed for the focus group requirements. In addition to this, interviews require materials such as; board, pens, paper, as well as finding a suitable location, and equipment such as; projectors etc. This will be quite a costly data collection process, as surveys simply require a written document to be constructed and photocopied for cheap, in order to save costs for the business. However there are also secondary data collection methods which are more effective than some of the primary research methods. Examples of this are previous hotel records which could be used by Pinewood Hotel in order to estimate future sales and bookings. This is an effective method as market researchers would have already obtained the information and therefore saving their hotel quite some costs. Also, they will be able to use the information appropriately so they can fulfil their marketing objectives. It is a more accurate data collection method over a few primary data collection methods...
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