Compare and Contrast the Models of Organisational Culture Proposed by Handy and Deal & Kennedy

Topics: Time, Writing, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Before choosing the EAP course at LondonMet I had a doubt whether I needed to stay at Rose of York language school and study Business English,which is relevant to my main course, or to study English for Academic Purposes at university. The main reason of my anxiety was, having spent several years at the language school,been familiar with all teachers, librarians and most students and been taught by a Cambridge graduate with lots of experience working in a big oil company I felt therefore quite comfortable and confident. Another choice, a three-month Pre-Sessional English which implies new teachers, students and classrooms all of these factors presume a period of time for adaptation, and during this time the effectiveness of the process of study is usually very low.

However I soon realised that I got used to new environment in university within the first couple of days due to very experienced teachers and friendly atmosphere in class. I also discovered that the EAP programme was well-organised and ideally suited me. As all syllabus, afternoon activities and sufficient homework made me to be better prepared before the main course. High qualified staff as well as highly motivated students also encouraged me to work harder. I appreciated the value of working in pair or in a small group in the class discussing the topic and producing our own opinion or helping each other with doing exercises. As a result these sorely helped me to broaden my knowledge, develop the skills of critical thinking, and feel spirit of team-working.

In term of writing essays, which I found one of difficult tasks for me, it was very helpful when we were explained the structure of essays and the logical flow of ideas in paragraph how it is required in the UK before doing so. Furthermore, it was also certainly useful that we had the opportunity to write essays at home rather than doing so in class. In my opinion, I could solely train my speed-writing and by writing essays at home, not only...
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