Development of My Academic Skills

Topics: Learning, Reading, Writing Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: November 4, 2012
The course has given me a great opportunity to develop and understand my academic skills more. Before the course, I write essays without knowing how to structure it. My writing style has improved and I have been able to stick to a set of writing style, enabling me to return to my work as well as pick up where I have left off without losing words of thought.

I have been able to focus and read effectively through the course handbook, looking at the headings and in each activity understand the titles. I can now think about the questions, key points and how to answer them.

As part of information gathering in relation to my chosen article, I had to review my reading skills, using the speed reading techniques and scanning for key words. This technique ensures that I can read as many articles as I can in a limited amount of time. Using mind map is essential to the development of my academic skills. This skill helps me to recognise the key points and questions and to create a diagram linking the key points and ensures that I did not stray from the topic.

I have the opportunity to discuss the coursework with my fellow students and we arranged meeting once every week, spending not less than two hours in our local library

The ability for me to manage my time is the key to addressing the pressure that I will likely face, managing to cope with my studies and going about my day to day activity. Being a parent with four children, working part time and studying, I thought it wise to commence writing my assignment early as I will be starting placement soon. I had to construct a weekly timetable, filling in my activities in order of priority and my study time. I also have a diary which holds all my daily appointments and long term dates to avoid time waste and to manage my time effectively.

The course has improved my database searching ability to access important articles, studies and journals relevant to the course through the online information resources. I have...
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