Organisational Culture

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Business Culture and Strategy Assessment 2


Organisational culture is the pattern of assumptions, vaules and norms shared by organisational members. The culture of an organisation can affect the operations of a company and how successful it is. Organisational culture contains four basic elements; basic assumptions which are un-said but happen, shared values which show what is important in the company, norms which the employee should follow and artefacts which show the culture of the organisation.

An example of organisational culture in Alphabet Games is the shared value of trying to make their games as up-to-date as possible. They want to be able to compete with rival companies and continue to improve on all aspects of gameplay. This helps them to succeed and meet the demands of gameplayers.

Alphabet Games has the basic assumption of they want to survive. As a small company they continue to grow and expand, keeping up with bigger corporate brands. They want to obtain possible benefits and stay on the market as long as they can. – CHANGE THIS, WHAT ABOUT WORK ETHIC?

There is a shared passion of software development in Alphabet Games. The quality of their products have helped the business to grow and be successful through difficult times.


Using the Deal and Kennedy model, which has four cultural classifications; tough guy, work hard and play hard, bet the organisation and process, Alphabet Games fits into more than one classification.

Alphabet Games can be seen to be in the “work hard and play hard” classification. This culture had a quick feedback/reward system and takes few risks. They value their customers and always want to meet the needs and wants of the consumer – the focus is one the customer in Alphabet Games, meeting the customers’ expectations. The focus in Alphabet Games is on the team instead of the individual. Any stress which may arise is more likely to come from the amount of work rather than...
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