Community Resource Assignment

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Community Resource Assignment
The basic purpose of Healthcare Organizations is to meet the healthcare needs of individuals and to promote health of the community. Goals of such facilities is to provide practical assistance, improve quality of life, help people become self-sufficient and to deliver wellness care. For me as a future nurse it’s really important to know such organizations that are present in my community so I can refer and help my patients deal with their problems and concerns. In my paper I would like to demonstrate four institutions that offer care for individuals with special needs found within a two-mile radius of the researcher’s home. Name of Agency – Northeast Insomnia and Sleep Medicine Center Address – 5947 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10309

Telephone Number – (718) 605-2970
Contact Person Interviewed – Theresa GrazianoNortheast Insomnia and Sleep Medicine Center offers a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with sleep-related disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, periodic leg movement during sleep syndrome, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and sleep disorders associated with medical or psychiatric conditions. Mrs. Theresa Graziano works at the center as a registered nurse, she had explained that the center provides a complete evaluation and management of all sleep disorders for adults and children. Having a doctor Ahmed A. Fadil, M.D., FAASM diagnose sleep disturbance and its cause is the most important step in restoring healthy sleep. The goal is to make sure that every treatment and test is medically necessary and absolutely appropriate for the individual patient. Mrs. Graziano told me, that a high rate of insomnia is seen in middle-aged and older adults, but they have patients in all age groups. Also women are more likely than men to develop insomnia. With non-English speaking patients usually they try to involve their family members. In addition they have two bilingual nurses, who...
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