Assignment 1: Identifying Community Resources (AA)

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Identifying Community Resources
Katrina Haynie
Argosy University (2013)

1. Your client has agreed to substance abuse treatment for 30 days. Locate local treatment facilities and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings that your client can attend
The Florida House Experience
505 S. Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
866-421-6242 This is an inpatient or outpatient facility that offers state of the art alcohol medical detoxification. Patients have private rooms, access to medical staff to include psychological services. They offer employment assistance; career planning and they continue to help after you leave their facility. This facility is gender specific and works with multiple
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Paul Church Family Enrichment Center 1330 Sunshine Ave. Room 216-218
12:00 PM Noon Serenity Seekers, Last House, 1339 Neely Dr.
01:00 PM Hope & Recovery, 2018 Tally Road (Came to Believe) 05:30 PM Joy of Living, Last House, 1339 Neely Dr
08:00 PM Leesburg Wed Night, Morrison Met. Church,, 1005 W Main St This is the local AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) location and their meeting schedule. There are other groups in the area if the client is unable to make any of these meeting. They offer a complete schedule on the website of other meetings and locations. They offer twenty four hour phone assistance and they use the twelve step program. This could be a good fit for this client depending on how dedicated they are to becoming alcohol free. They would have the support of others that understand their addiction.
2. Your client disclosed in counseling that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Locate a local agency that provides group treatment for these adults.
Tampa Bay Thrivers-Adult Survivors of Child
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St Petersburg, FL

This starts out online by becoming a member of their group. They have what they call “meetups” (Tampa Bay Thrivers 2011) in which the group sets up times and places each week to meet and talk about what they have been through. I feel that this could be a good fit for this client because it is a group of people that have been through similar experiences. This group meets on a weekly basis. It also offers an online chat area so their members can communicate in between meetings. Since there seems to be a limit to this type of group it seems that they sever multiple populations.
3. Your client’s mother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Locate a hospice that services the elderly in your county.
VITAS Innovative Hospice Care
2201 Lucien Way
Suite 100
Maitland, FL 32715

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