Communication Sytem

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Communication is a simple process of transferring information from one individual to another. Depending on the context information can be a lot of different things using different tools in order to transfer information or communicate with the other party.

Communication in an organization does a number of functions such as publicizing the needs and requirements


It’s a process where a message has been sent by the communicator and is received by the other party and a feedback is sent from the receiver to show that the message that was sent has been received and understood.

At the very beginning the message is encoded in a particular channel then it is sent and as soon as it is sent the message gets decoded by the receiver and then a feedback is sent back to let the sender know that message was received and understood.


The functions are very simple and easy, communication is used for exchanging information, instructions, opinions and reinforce the establishment of all the relationships and even discuss problems. Through this, organizations meritoriously communicate with their employee’s by giving instructions and informing them about any changes in the organization. They also use it to motivate or even argue with some employees and it also helps to ask for approval or even show proposals in particular.

The functions of communication are very simple that is required to forward clear-cut information only to the proposed precipitant in a suitable way. It should help identifying the users needs and wants.


Telephonic devices:- Its is a primary source of communication, that can be used between two or even more individuals. Video and web conferencing:- A form of visual communication used by the organization to connect with their outer source and their shareholders Social networking sites:- Each organization has page in the social networking sites in order to keep their customers, fans updated with their all new and their upcoming products. Online chat tools:- This tool is used mainly between the customers and organization. For example:- An Apple’s customer has a problem with of the Apple products and it is late at night or even the customer is far from any Apple repair shop so this chat tool is to connect them. Fax:- Fax machines are an old sources of communication, which still exists. It provides the exact copies of documents, which is made through telecommunication. People who use this tool are suppliers, managers, Employees, etc. Emails:- They are electronical letters that are sent electronically to a number of accounts. It is one of the most preferred tools. Managers, suppliers, employees, government, and customers use it. Letters:- It is a written form of communication.

Reports:- written reports of an earlier investigations and observations. Posters:- it is large printed posters that is a mixture of drawings, pictures and written information that is mainly used advertising, publication etc. It used used by government, supervisors to customers, suppliers and the general public. Flyers:- It is given out to large amount of people, it’s a form of advertising. Organizations, suppliers and government to the customers and the general public use it. Billboards:- Large boards that is placed outside used for advertisements or even announcements. MEMO:- It provides the organization with permanent records for internal messages which also adds formality to internal communication. Meetings:- It helps with knowing everyone’s ideas and opinions and discuses the ideas and also discuses wide range of problems and resolve them. Training:-it provides the employees a better knowledge about the up coming products with the upcoming software’s. Advertisements:- It...
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