Communication Scenario

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Communication Scenarios
October 8, 2012
Sandra Griffin

Communication Scenarios
Communication is the act of delivering and receiving information for the purpose of establishing and understanding messages. There are various forms of communication designed for the delivery of different information, for different scenarios, and individuals, among others. Establishing the ability to communicate effectively requires interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These skills consist of speaking, observing, analyzing, processing, and evaluating, among others. The end result entails for the individual receiving the information to understand the context, and intent of the information delivered. The purpose of this paper is to review three different scenarios, and determined which communication channel fits each scenario. Communication channels are served as a medium for the delivery of information to an intended audience, and focus on informal and formal factors. Scenario #1

In the first scenario, the marketing manager of a new beverage that has received high ratings; has been tasked by the vice president of operations to establish a new strategy to enter this beverage into the global market. The marketing manager has to deliver this information to the rest of his team, in hopes to come up with a way to develop the new strategy. The manager and his team only have one week to work out the details of this new strategy. For this scenario the manager should use formal communication channels, for it focuses on the professional activities of each team member (Spatt, 2011, p.146). The method of formal communication channels will be effective in this scenario because they are intended to focus on assigned individual roles within the organization (Spatt, 2011, p.146). Formal communication is usually delivered through a chain of command which often has a more rapid response than as to using informal communication channels (Spat, 2011, p.146). In return, the...

References: Spatt, B. (2011). Writing from sources (8th ed.). Retrieved from
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