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* Introduction1

* Basic Communication1
* Classification of Communication1
* Objectives and purposes of Communications1
* Scope of Communication in any functional Organization2 * Different mediums of Communication2
* Modes of Communication2
* Barriers to Communication3
* Principles of Effective Communication3
* Business Correspondence Letters3
* Enquiries, Quotations, Complaints and Redressal3
* Sales Promotion Letters3
* Report Writing and Research Reports 4

* Conclusion5

* References6

1) Introduction
Communication brings about unity and purpose, interests and efforts in an organization. There are many different aspects of professional communication that are discussed in this report. When I think of the word communication, words like information, emotions, facts, ideas, opinions, speech, writing, symbols, signs and thoughts are synonymous. My understanding of communication is that it is a means of helping people or groups to understand a certain concept or other information for example memorandums, letters, team briefs, emails, end of day meetings, warnings one on one discussions and many more. All of these eliminate the river of misunderstanding.

2) Basic Communication
Information is the key to communication. Being employed in any organization means that there will be verbal and non-verbal communication which are oral (meetings, team briefs) and written ( warnings, memorandums). If I had to manage an organization, I would spend 85% of my time on communication and dedicate other 15%to other aspects in the business. The reason for this is to make sure that all staff understand their duties, the consequences of not carrying out their tasks and do not mistake communication for dictatorship. Every process from dynamic, social, continuous, spiraling, Interaction and transaction, contextual all of these processes and more need proper understanding to be successful in any organization 2.1) Classification of Communication

In this group communication and formal communication caught my attention the most due to the fact that in the job I am in which is the call centre industry we use mainly those classifications of communication. 2.2) Objectives and purposes of Communications

This is mainly accomplished by our efforts. Time must always be made in any organization for entertainment. Team Buildings enhances socializing between different staff members and relieves stress. Mutual relationships are then built. Motivation helps achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency. Training should be done to help the unskilled or semi skilled employees to have equal opportunity. Education of the product or service should be key to better performance. Information is power within and outside an organization.
2.3) Scope of Communication in any functional Organization
The H.R manager avoids dissatisfaction. Communication is very important due to the 19 functions it has. Information sharing is there for fast diffusion. Problem Solving assists in decision making. Performance feedback should be done often so employees know their performance status. Terms of requirement should be followed to ensure employees understand their duties. Conveying the right message to the right person at the right time is vital so it has to be translated into action immediately. Grapevine is very useful. Organizational communication cannot be completely alone. Management communication is at its peak. The 5 criteria’s of evaluation of communication is economy, influence, congruence, relationship building and fidelity of communication easier. Information Bulletins can keep employees updated regularly so they have a better understanding which makes communication much easier. Questions will come up and will be discussed. A leader’s failure or success depends upon how...

References: * Basic Business Communication- Raj Kumar
* Business Communication Today, Random House – Courtland Bovee and John Thill
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