Communication Skills

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Graphic communication Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: October 11, 2009
Communication Skills
Communication is a huge part in everyday life. Most people think they have good communication skills, but they do not. Most arguments and misunderstandings stem from lack of communication between people. There are many ways to benefit from having good communication skills. In addition, there are consequences to not having this skill. All people should learn how to master the skill of communication. Communication skills are of vital importance, in both your personal and professional lives. Great communication skills in the work place will excel you to the heights of your career. Your personal life will be a smooth ride with friends and family if you have great communication. Any relationship you create, whether professional or personal will benefit tremendously from having great communication skills. If you cannot effectively communicate, you may suffer from vast amounts of communication barriers. If you are not good at putting your thoughts and ideas into words, you will suffer from communication breakdowns. You will create roadblocks in your life, both professionally and personally, which can drastically decrease the chance of you achieving your goals in life. Communication is successful when both parties have a full understanding of the message being conveyed. When you do this, you will reap great rewards in life. Communication is a skill that will follow you throughout your entire life, from how you react or converse with every individual person. If the skill of communication is mastered, not only will it help the person who mastered it, but it will also have an effect on everyone around that person. I believe High Schools should offer courses in Effective Communication Skills and How to Interpret Body Language. This will teach adolescents not only life skills, but professional skills as well. There are many ways for people to learn how to communicate effectively and how to interpret body language. Many ways to learn are through;...
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