Communication Revolution

Topics: Communication, Cognition, Nonverbal communication Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: January 22, 2011
Communication’s revolution
Communication is an interaction between two or more people. But I feel even animals communicate in with them by various techniques. It is very hard to say when exactly communication has been started

If we consider only human beings, then I think communication started from body language. Afterwards oral communication might have been discovered by experts people and that was the important phase of communication’s revolution. Language is a very vital tool of communication. In olden days, written communication was done through symbolic or pictorial language.

In the era of Kings & kingdoms, remarkable growth in communication was observed. The efficient or masters people in communication were highly appreciated by various kings in their political system, decision making system, mass communication system etc.

As the time progressed lots of people used the communication as an effective tool or weapon for their own benefit. People preferred to take education in communication so that, they couldan speak many different languages. Politeness in the communication is one of the examples of effective & respectful manner of communication.

In the recent time communication has grown rapidly grown. Distance barrier is easily overcome by the use of powerful technology. Now-a- day’s mobiles, computers, television etc are widely used in the communication process. People are learning various languages and that includes local & global languages.

The one of the incredible steps in communication’s revolution is human to machine communication. Artificial intelligence is an innovative field where scientists are still discovering many things and we can’t ignore that robots can the live life that we do and communicate with human beings.
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