Communication and Child Essay Example
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Maria Pearce

EYMP5-1.1, EYMP5-1.2, EYMP5-1.3, EYMP5-2.1, EYMP5-2.2, EYMP5-2.3

EYMP5-1.1 Explain each of the terms: * speech * language * communication * Speech, language and communication needs.

English dictionary meanings. * Speech - something that is spoken; an utterance, remark, or declaration: * Language - communication by voice in the distinctively human manner, using arbitrary sounds in conventional ways with conventional meanings; speech. * Communication - the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.
Speech, Language and Communication begins from birth simply engaging in eye contact and smiling is communication. Speech is started with noise and sounds. Language starts by a child listening so even from very young ages children learn and communicate with us.

EYMP5-1.2 Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in children's development:
EYMP5-1.3 Describe the potential impact of speech, language and communication difficulties on the overall development of a child, both currently and in the longer term.

Speech, language and communication needs in children vary with each individual child. As practitioners we must constantly asses and contribute in all aspects of communication, speech and language. We must listen to the child and try to understand the things the child is trying to communicate to us. Helping children improve things like language can be fairly simple. By having patience we repeat the words often and praise the attempts and successes a child has. Asking the child to point something out or encourage saying words or sounds. By taking our hand and leading us to something the child needs or wants is a good way of helping communication and means we can say the thing they need encouragement is essential we do not want the child to feel silly or ashamed if they struggle with the correct word. Splitting some

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