Communication Crisis

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Communication Crisis

Communication Crisis
It has recently come to the attention of the Emergency Management Office (EMO) that a biological agent has infected the local water supply and is potentially life threatening. Steps will begin to be taken immediately in handling this crisis. There will need to be clear communications channels both internally and externally. It is crucial that steps be taken to identify what advantages can be gained from using different resources when communicating within the office as well as well as when addressing the public. Also what disadvantages could arise from these some resources. As well as what types of communications technologies will help fix the problem in quick and safe manner. A look back at other disasters in recent history could offer insight on what ideas work and which ones could fall short or cause greater panic. The first step in dealing with this crisis much like any other will be establishing clear channels of communication for addressing the public. As always, all communications with the public and media should go through the Public Affairs Office. Of course some of you will still encounter the media, if this happens be polite and honest with them. “Never give or provide false information. Doing so will really put you in a negative light, especially if the reporter can verify that the information is false.” (Ludwig, 2011) Remember when addressing the media they may already know the answer to the question and just want to see if you are honest or no. Getting caught in a lie won’t just negatively impact you but the entire process of handling the crisis. The media will be instrumental in alerting the public to new news and alerts. It is important to not speculate, only say what you know to be accurate, false speculation will just add to the panic that is already there. Also note who the reporter you are speaking to works for. Is it a television station, print media or radio? While they are all media...

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