communication misunderstandings

Topics: Negative feedback, Feedback, Communication Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Misunderstanding #1
In my first example I was the sender. My role in the conversation is the District Manager. As the district manager at J P Morgan Chase, there are times when I have to engage in difficult conversations with my subordinates. I’ve got one subordinate in particular named Gayle who is the receiver of a specific message. She has always been unaccountable for her actions and typically combative towards anyone who is providing her with negative feedback. During our reading assignment, we learned about how communication can be limited. In this example, I had received some negative feedback from her employees and therefore I visited her branch location to have a discussion with her. Some background history about Gayle and my relationship is that she was managing one of my largest, most profitable banking centers. Due to her employee issues and lack of profitability, I moved her to one of my smallest banking centers in an effort to give her a fresh start to regain her confidence and potentially a change of scenery. Needless to say, she wasn’t thrilled about the idea and had been carrying ill feelings about me as her manager since then. In the communication, this is referred to as a communication barrier. Due to the internal noise within Gayle’s mind, any message from me that wasn’t positive wasn’t received in the way it was intended thusly causing conflict between us. Gayle’s employees shared that she communicated with them with an abrasive tone and spent a large portion of her day away from them in her office and they didn’t appreciate that. The channel used in this misunderstanding was face to face communication. When I sat her down in her office, I shared with her that I received some feedback from her team and wanted to discuss it with her. Immediately, she became very defensive and said that I was out to get her and that she felt that I snuck behind her back to dig up bad things about her. I sat quietly as to not respond...
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