Communication breakdown

Topics: Critical thinking, Communication, Logic Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Name: Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan
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Communication breakdown

The development of technology has changed people’s life for years. As Wanda Wright points out in his article,” Communication breakdown”, published in the London Telegraph in 2011, the improvement of communication media has made many negative effects to communication of young people. The aim of this essay is to critically response to the author’s main arguments.

In “Communication breakdown”, Wright examines some problems when people use too much modern communication medium. The author proposes that if young people are lack of reading long texts, they will not able to improve their critical thinking and get the limit connection to English language culture. Next, he asserts that using modern communication devices which missing face to face such as texting or social media will damage verbal and social skills of young generation.

The author presents an illogical argument that the young cannot read long texts so they lack some important parts of English culture and critical thinking. Another problem with his evidence is from an actor, not an expert. Thus, the information that he gave was just a personal opinion. Although there are a lot of information in short texts but students were taught to read as the most important skill at school. As a result, reading short form of text is not affect to the academic skill of the young people.

There are several problems with the author’s idea that modern communication will harm for young people’s communication skills and also their future job. To explain, with the development of technology, people have a lot of applications to communicate with the other through computer or smartphone. Moreover, social networking also helps people to extend and maintain the relationship circle which is fundamental when establishing the cooperation. Thus, technical skills improved by using modern communication can...
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