Communication and Why We Need Effective Communication

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With every interaction, whether active or passive, we find ourselves communicating with other people. Even our silence connotes some intention, which others may interpret at their discretion. Whether by artifact or by attendance, every human being constantly participates in the process of communication

Defining Communication
Communication means exchange of ideas, views, opinion, understanding, feelings, emotions, facts or information between two or more persons by any sources or medium.

Communication is not only the essence of being human, but also a vital property of life… - John A. Piece

Communication is broadly defined as interaction of thoughts, exchange of ideas and building proper motivation between two binary polar that is sender and receiver, speaker and listener and establishes proper understanding between them. Etymologically speaking, the word communication derives its original meaning from the Greek word 'communis' which means to express or build up a group negotiation. In this regard communication is perceived as an umbrella term that consists of complicated networks of human relationship. The fundamental objective of communication is to build up negotiation, integrity and harmony amidst the heterogeneous mass of people.

History of Communication:
Communication process started from the early phase even when we knew how to read and write. It evolved from simple body language or ancient pictorial messages carved on rocks metamorphosed into rather evolved channels of communication like the telephone, television and of course the world wide web that brought the world together. Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior

0rigins of communication:
Body Language. Body language is communication through simple body gestures. : A friendly handshake, a gracious smile or even a warm hug. Speech: Evidence shows that modern adaptations for speech appeared somewhere between 1.5 million and 500,000 years ago. The dynamics of evolution of speech acquisition is complex since it is influenced by factors like culturally transmitted sounds and genetic evolution. nfluenced upon evolution of speech. Writing: The history of writing dates back to the various writing systems that evolved in the Early Bronze Age (late 4th millennium BC) out of Neolithic proto-writing. The evolution of writing is said to have evolved from proto-writing which means pictorial messages /symbols/scribbles that cannot be called "actual –writing". For convenience we will classify the evolution of writing into the following sub-categories: Symbols

Cave Paintings
Petroglyphs/ Rock Carvings

Symbols: Symbols ensured better understanding and increased longevity of the message. Cave Paintings: The Upper Paleolithic cave paintings, which are a type of rock art are the oldest known symbols. Petroglyphs: Petroglyphs are nothing but rock carvings. These Petroglyphs date back to 10,000 BC, when the Homo-sapiens have been known to have acquired the art of carving by making incisions or carvings on the rock surface. There have been instances of woodcarvings and even tattoos. Pictograms. Pictograms have been sighted in the history of various ancient cultures since around 9000 BC. Pictograms narrate a story about the event and hence can be used to convey chronology of several events Ideogram:. It is a visual or graphic symbol that represents an idea.. Ideograms are the source of inception for most of the logographic writing systems like the Chinese script. Tele-communication: The optical telegraph system was an apparatus for conveying information by means of visual signals. The system used towers with pivoting blades or paddles, in a matrix. Information was encoded by the position of the mechanical elements and the message can be interpreted by the position of the blade. Other Benchmarks in the History of...
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