Communication and Public Relation on Business

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Troleibuzul SA Public Transportation Neamt
Problems that occurred in 2012

Communication and Public Relation on Business Lect. Dr.Balasescu Simona Student:Bostan Nicoleta Brindusa Transilvania University Specialization: Business Administration Group 8801


Background and headquarters:3
Date of incorporation3
Organizational Structure:3
Work Environment4
Policy statement by the organization's environmental quality5 Problems with Troleibuzul SA6
A good change in managing Troleibuzul SA: Nadia Năstase7 How Troleibuzul SA escaped insolvency:7
Christmas bonuses to Troleibuzul SA8

Background and headquarters:

Trolley commercial company has as main activity (according to NACE code):

4931-urban, suburban and metropolitan travel.
Other activities are (according to NACE code):

4520 - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
2562 - General mechanical engineering;
7120 - Technical testing and analysis.
The company is headquartered in Dumbrava Rosie, Neamt county, displaced at No. 21 bis, about 380 m from the junction with DN15 Piatra Neamt - Bacau.

Date of incorporation


The organization was established by decision of Neamt County Council nr.3/21.07.1995 legal status today: stock company with a share capital of EUR 1,920,375 fully state, subscribed and paid. It is registered with the Trade Roman Neamt nr.J27/691/1995 having unique registration code 7613398, VAT payer is 01/04/1996.

Organizational Structure:

The company is organized in a hierarchical structure that has three levels (top management, management services, personnel execution). Structure conducting all processes that develop the organization having the function provided "as responsible Management / Environment". Depending on the workload and the ability of the people involved, some of these activities were combined in the same department. Tasks, competencies and responsibilities are defined for each job in the job. Leading every service has one large head of service that is subordinated top management (Director General). Leadership

Management of the organization is provided, in accordance with the statute, the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission. Operative management is done by the Director General.

Subordinated to the Director General is chief engineer and chief accountant. Also reporting directly to the General Manager and is responsible / designee for the following activities: quality / environment, human resources, support services.

The Chief Engineer is subordinate personnel perform the following activities: operations (programming racing trucks run program, follow the program execution transport, traffic control, control travel, bus) and technology (buses and trolleybuses maintenance, fleet repairs, ITP, repair others , maintenance and repair contact wire, substations recovery).

Chief accounting officer are persons who perform the following activities: relationship with the customer (marketing forecasts, publicity / advertising, tendering / contracting complaints / claims), Sourcing and Procurement (evaluation / vendor selection, contracting / procurement, public procurement, material reception, storage / inventory management), Financial - accounting (finance taxation, accounting, payroll, cashiers). Infrastructure

For this activity, the company has:

contact wire network double track with a length of 21 km;
2 stops recovery;
PRAM laboratory;
fleet composed of trolley = 27, bus = 10 = 2 small capacity buses, technical assistance = 2 cars = 3, AutoTURN = 2, unit = 1; workshop maintenance - repair;
garage mounted tachometer and speed limiters;
Bus Station (located near the train station...

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