Business Communication

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Evaluating Business Communication


January 30, 2012

Evaluating Business Communication

The learning team assignment for the previous week has a formal memo sent to William, the CEO; a regular memo sent to Mark, the sales manager, and Dana, the marketing manager; and an email to the accounting department. These communiqués were to inform the individuals about the accounting team’s findings on JJJ Company’s files. Upon reviewing each communiqué from the previous week’s learning team assignment I have made the following evaluations.

Each communication seemed to clearly convey the message of not moving forward with the acquisition of JJJ Company. The risk of acquiring JJJ is too great of a risk to take for Riordan at this time. The memos and email covered the unstable finances of JJJ Company and discussed the possibility of finding other channels to advance the growth Riordan Manufacturing.

Other forms of communication may not have been better, but attaching JJJ’s financial reports to the memos may have benefitted the managers. The managers may not understand the financial reports, but the accounting team could have highlighted the information used to determine if JJJ was financially stable or not. Attaching these reports may have allowed for a better understanding of how the accounting team made the decision.

The forms of communication were appropriate for the intended audiences and were kept professional. The individuals had all worked together before, so the communicator was able to know how the information was going to affect the individual receiving the message. Having worked together before allowed for the senders to put a personal touch in the communication; except to the CEO’s message, this should be professional all the way through.

The leadership style for each member did not affect the communication within the group; the entire group has the same goal which is what is best for Riordan...
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