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1. Communication.
1) How is information spread within a company?
Information spread due to internal and external channels within a company. 2) Which internal and external channels of communication are used? What are their tasks? There are two types of communication channels: internal and external. Intranet is one of internal channels that is used to spread information within a company due to internal websites only accessible by employees. Next channel, that can be both internal and external, is company magazine. It may try to demonstrate how a company is putting its mission statement into action. Externally, advertising has been the most visible form of communication with customers. Usually it designed to increase product sales, but there is also institutional advertising, designed to improve perceptions of the company as a whole. Furthermore, customer service center is two-way communication between company and customers. It is designed to gather information from customers about all aspects of use of a company’s products. What is more, one of the most important sphere of external communication is public relations, that include investor relations, press conferences, press releases. The main aim of PR is manipulate the moulding of the company’s image. 3) What makes a good communicator?

‘Good communicators really listen to people and take in what is said. They maintain eye contact and have a relaxed body language, but they seldom interrupt and stop people talking. If they don’t understand and want to clarify something they wait for a suitable opportunity. When speaking, effective communicators are good at giving information. They do not confuse their listener. They make their points clearly. They will avoid technical terms, abbreviations or jargon. If they do need to use unfamiliar terminology they explain by giving an easy to understand example. Furthermore, although they may digress and leave the main point to give additional information and details...
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