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Business Communication Portfolio Assignments

The Business Communication Portfolio Assignments introduce you to the most common types of messages you will be asked to craft in a business environment—routine, negative/sensitive, and persuasive—and to the major channels of written business communication—e-mail messages, memos, letters, and forms of social media. The series of assignments takes you through the process of strategizing and applying the fundamental principles of business communication in each of these contexts. The tasks are based on the Fanning Center for Business Communication case “Carnival Cruise Lines: Wreck of the Costa Concordia.”

Communication Scenario
Imagine that you ( have recently been appointed director of communication for Carnival Cruise Lines, working at its headquarters offices in Miami, Florida:

Carnival Cruise Lines
3655 N.W. 87th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33178
Phone: 1-305-599-2600
Fax: 1-305-471-4700

Previously, Carnival farmed out most of its corporate communication to a local agency, Buck Banks/Newman PR. However, given the negative publicity Carnival has received over the past three years because of its repeated problems at sea, CEO Marty Arison decided to bring the communication function in-house. He is relying on you to improve the coverage Carnival receives in the news media as well as the effectiveness of its communication with both internal and external stakeholders. He also hopes you will gain positive exposure for Carnival through social media.

Late in the afternoon of January 13, 2012, you learn that the Costa Concordia, the largest ship in the fleet of Carnival subsidiary Costa Cruises, has collided with a rocky reef near the Tuscan Island of Giglio, losing power. Although details are still sketchy, Captain Francesco Schettino apparently abandoned the ship shortly after the collision, imperiling the lives of its 600 passengers and...
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