Communal living in the Pacific

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Name: Litiana Komaitai
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Date: 20/03/14.

Argument essay- block pattern
Title: discuss the major reasons for the decline in communal life in the pacific people. C – Decline in communal life
L - Reasons, pacific
D – Discuss
Context: Every society in the pacific look for ways to uphold their inherited ways of life and preserve their unique culture. Limited subject: Decline in communal life in the pacific.
Issue: What are major reasons for the decline in communal life in the pacific? Thesis statement: the major reasons for the decline in communal life in the pacific are threefold: sociocultural evolution, changes in life style and economical issues. Supports for the thesis:

Main idea 1: sociocultural evolution.
One of the foremost reasons for the decline in communal life in the pacific is the sociocultural evolution. Supporting idea a: Education
Education is one reason for the decline in communal life in the pacific today. Details: introduction of democracy and human rights
More freedom
Generation gap
Majority rule.
Supporting idea b: Greed and self-interest
The next sociocultural reason for the decline in communal life in the Pacific is greed and self-interest. Details: Demand for ownership of land
Unreliable decisions are made by poor leaders of the community which have affected their lives. People tend to think of their family needs only and prefer to live by themselves. Main idea 2: Changes in lifestyle

Secondly, changes in lifestyle of people living in communal settlements are another contributing factor to the decline in communal life in the pacific.

Supporting idea a: loss of values
The loss of values has caused the decline in communal life in the pacific. Details: intermarriages
Conflicts of interest
Supporting idea b: westernization and mass media
Likewise, another change in lifestyle reason is the inclusion of mass media and westernization these have moulded the minds of the pacific people in the world today. Details:
Increase in technology
Increase in standard of living
Increase in privacy/isolation

Main idea 3: Economical issues
Lastly, education and employment are one of the major reasons that have contributed to the decline in communal life in the Pacific. Supporting idea a: rural to urban drift
Development of towns and cities
Higher levels of education
Supporting idea b: financial status
Increase in cost of living
Increase in family demand
Business ventures
Restatement of thesis: to conclude, it is crucial to be aware of the three major reasons for the decline of communal life in the pacific people in relation to the social, cultural and economical concerns. Implication: the influence of the western world has led to the decline in communal life in the pacific today. Recommendation: therefore, traditional values and issues should be considered more to re-strengthen communal life in the pacific. Final thought: sooner or later communal life will die out if the issues are not examined and considered by the people in all pacific countries as a whole.

This essay will discuss the major reasons for the decline in communal living in the pacific. Firstly, the essay exams issues in regards to sociocultural evolution which looks at education, and greed and self- interest. Secondly, the essay will look at the changes in life style, where loss of values, westernization and mass media. Lastly, the essay will deal with economical issues in regards to rural to urban drift and financial crisis. The essay concludes that the pacific the pacific people need to realise in order for communal life to stay alive, these issues must be dealt with.

Every country has its own ways of traditional living which were being practiced throughout the years. (Douglas & Douglas, 1994) Communal...

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