Island of Kora Ethics

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The Island of Kora


THE ISLAND OF KORA acts as the case designed to bring all the points discussed in this class together. Therefore, this case calls for an application of all the points that have been previously discussed. After reading the case, design a plan for solving the islander’s problems. Your plan should include the theoretical basis your plan uses, the decision making procedure you would use, as well as the specific action you would take to resolve the problem. Also, do not forget that in the islander’s eyes you are the Supreme Being. (About 5 typed pages)

When confronted with the daunting task of saving a population, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. The Island of Kora has suffered a horrific natural disaster that jeopardizes their way of life and ultimately their existence. The Island of Kora historically inhabited 850 to 900 natives. The island was roughly 20 square miles in size and recently suffered a massive earthquake. The resulting aftermath of the earthquake is now the island is only four square miles in size. Much of the area lost was used for farming and grazing of the cattle.

The aftermath of the earthquake has left the island in dire straits. Before the earthquake this was a peaceful community with plenty of food. Before the earthquake, the natives lived throughout the island. The loss of land has resulted in confined living spaces. The clustered homes have led to increased tensions and sanitation concerns. The increased tension has manifested in never seen before fighting and stealing.

One of the effects of the lost land area has decreased the amount of the yearly crops. This has resulted in starvation and malnourishment in both the native population and their livestock. Over the past three years it is believed that 100 people have lost their lives due to malnutrition and illness. The livestock population has suffered greatly as most of the livestock are diseased and look to be in very poor physical condition.

A once serene island of roughly 875 inhabitants now has a sickly population of 775. An island that could sustain such a population concentration now appears to be able to only support roughly 250 people. Due to a shipwreck, I have washed up on this island. The elders of the tribe view my presence as a sign from their gods. The have named me Supreme Ruler and Lord over the land. My word is law. Their expectation is that I will lead them through this time of need and fix their mounting problems. I must design a plan for solving their problems and the steps necessary to put this plan into action. The basis of my plan and course of action will be backed by my theoretical basis.

Due to the extreme condition of the island, extreme measures are needed. The first course of action is to set a leadership group or government in place. Since the natives already have elders the lead and guide, leaving them in the position or role would be wise. There will be enough change in the next days, weeks, months, and years. This is one such change that should be kept in place. The measures and circumstances that one becomes an elder will also remain. This structure has been working for years and it will work again and in the interim, allow for stability. Besides, if something should happen to me, strong leadership has to be in place for the survival of the natives.

The second course of action is to set forth a set of rules or laws that govern the island. Times are tough and they are only going to become tougher. History has proven that will tougher times, societal decay is a distinct possibility. To prevent such decay from happening, our laws will be swift, punishing, and absolute. The realization that our island cannot support our normal population of makes the creation, implementation, and execution of our new laws a top priority. Those who do not wish to live by the...
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