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Desiree Twining 8th hour
First screen shows the words Jennifer Garner for Neutrogena in all gray. This commercial stars Jennifer Garner who is wearing a white blouse and in the background is an all white room. Jennifer starts off by asking “Does your moisturizer protect your face Against (in blue) the environment?” There is guitar music in the background. She mentions the things on the environment that can affect your skin like the sun, pollution (picture of a city), cold (trees covered in snow), wind (tree blowing in the wind) and indoor heat (heating vent). “Introducing Neutrogena Multi-defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 15” (shows bottle) Bottle is white with a gray lid the word are all gray except Multi-defense that’s blue. The background turns blue with the bottle and lines pointing to - “Fortified with Anti-Pollutants + Anti-Oxidants + Vitamins C&E”. “It delivers hydration and daily protection.” The background turns back to the white room with Jennifer smiling saying “For healthy looking beautiful skin.” The end scene is the white room with the Neutrogena bottle sitting next to the works “NEW Neutrogena Multi-Defense Daily Moisturizer Developed with Dermatologist.”(The works all in gray.) This used the famous person appeal because it used Jennifer Garner. I believe it is effective because it tells the audience a way to help them deal with everyday skin problems and everyone wants that. I watched this on Animal Planet.

Charter Anti-Satellite

The first screen shows the word Charter in blue with a white background, the website CHARTER.COM in gray in the bottom right corner. The next screen is a white room with two people in it, one was a person in a astronaut suite (white, blue shoes, and holding a remote) and the other is a white man in his thirties wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans. The astronaut stands for satellite tv and the guy stands for charter. The guy asks the watcher "Torn between charter tv and satellite...
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