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The importance of

by Fidelis Zvomuya

It seems as if advertising is everywhere
these days: on billboards, trucks, cars, trees,
in the media and on almost every electronic
device we may own.
As companies increasingly compete for the
attention of their market, the advertising
industry is growing rapidly, despite many
companies’ efforts to curb costs in this regard,
and sales messages in the form of advertising
are finding their way into and onto just about
every surface of unmarked space.
The main aim of advertising is to sell; it
helps business, as well as the economy, to
prosper and makes the consumer aware of
the various choices that are available.
According to Mike van Rooyen, a
leading marketing and public relations
consultant, advertising is of great
importance in our world of increasing
competition – and it is important to both
the seller and the buyer.
Not only does it introduce new products
and different brands or versions of the same
product type to the general public, but as
Mike explains: “It informs prospective
buyers about the qualities of each brand
so that they can make their choice. It is
through advertisements that we come to
know of new services and products.

“Advertising plays a huge role in every
business’ sales strategy and the trend now
is that companies are incorporating this
into their overall business strategies and
plans,” he says.
Targeting people's emotions has always
been a crucial factor in the advertising
world. However, Mike says that due to the
ever-changing nature of the industry, with
constantly developing new trends, it is
crucial to keep the following key elements
top of mind:
•  alue addition,
• elationships,
•  reativity,
•  eeping it local and
• he introduction of new digital messages.
Mike says that creative ideas are the
backbone of any successful advertising
campaign. The advertising industry is
competitive and it is essential that all
creative ideas set an agency apart from
their competitors.
For this reason, the trend of constantly
breaking borders with creativity is growing
rapidly. He mentions the latest print offering
from Cell C as a prime example of this. It
will ring from Associated Magazines’ four
consumer titles as their first-ever interactive

| 35


voice advertisement – unusual, if not
unprecedented. The creativity part of the
advertisement and the message itself is
said to have a huge impact, as Cell
C’s ad page rings aloud with a warm
welcome to the world of Cell C from the
familiar voice of comedian Trevor Noah
when turned to and exposed to light.
Featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire,
O (the Oprah Magazine) and the new
collector’s edition House and Leisure Food,
the ad further informs readers about the
company’s new HSPA network, how they
have changed their look, call centres and
in store experience, while inviting them
to visit the new stores and purchase a

Mandy Waddington, Cell C’s marketing executive, says the challenge all marketers face is the convergence
of digital channels with the print environment.
“With the rise of digital technology,
marketers are now challenged to find
clever concepts such as this one to
make their messages and products
stand out in traditional media such
as print. Innovation is one of Cell C's
core values and what better way to
physically demonstrate this by using
a sound device that grabs readers’
attention, pulling them into the ad.
The talking advert provided us with
the perfect opportunity to converge
digital with print, bringing the print
environment to life in a whole new
way using Cell C's spokesperson,
Trevor Noah,” she explained.

Taryn Du Plessis, commercial and
marketing coordinator at GEA Westfalia
Separator South Africa, says advertising
is important as it can...
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