Colonialism and History of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, United States, Massachusetts, North America, Native Americans in the United States / Pages: 2 (382 words) / Published: Sep 26th, 2014
In 1492 there were regional and cultural differences in the Native American peoples of North America. In an essay compare and contrast the southwestern, Eastern Woodland and Great Plains cultures in the following ways: geography and climate; Social/political organizations; and economic and lifestyle.

A series of events and conditions existed in the old world in 15th-century that made new world expiration and only possible but desirable. (1) Identify these events and conditions and explain how each helped set the stage for expiration, and (2) explore how these components are played out in Spain and Portugal.

In an essay concerning the colonial period up to 1770 (1) name the three geographic regions and then identify the colonies that make up the regions of the English North American colonies, (2) discuss how the geography influenced the development of the regional economies, and (3) explain how geography Influence the labor systems of each region.

The Puritan faith community shaped the New England colonies in virtually every way during the 17th and 18th centuries. In an essay (1) discuss the ideas and religious principles that characterize the initial settlements in Massachusetts Bay and (2) discuss the challenges and developments that lead to the splintering of those same communities.

In an essay discuss the peoples to populate the three regions of the English colonies in 1770. Include in your discussion (1) who the sellers were, (2) where they came from, (3) why they came to settle, (4) the kind of governments is established and (5) the religious makeup of their region.

1. New England Colonies—Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire
Economics—shipbuilding, fishing, lumbering, subsistence farming, manufacturing
Society—status based on religion, strict
Government—direct democracy through town meetings, covenant community based on religion
2. Middle Colonies—Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland

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