Analyze How Actions Taken by Both American Indians and European Colonists Shaped Those Relationships in Each of the Following Regions. Confine Your Answer to the 1600s.

Topics: Colonialism, Native Americans in the United States, Massachusetts, Wampanoag, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England / Pages: 2 (327 words) / Published: Aug 26th, 2013
Analyze how actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists shaped those relationships in each of the following regions: New England , Chesapeake , Spanish , New France. Confine your answer to the 1600s.

English : * Mass Bay viewed the Indians as inferior and believed that because of this they were obligated to take the land * In the Plymouth colony the pilgrims and the natives started off great (first thanksgiving) Squanto was a big reason for their harmony, however mass bay eventually took over Plymouth so the harmony didn't last * Also Roger Williams believed the Indians should be paid for the land they gave to the colonists * Anglo-Powhatan Wars, when the Indians were brutally defeated. * King Philips war

Chesapeake: * In the Chesapeake colonies such as Virginia (Jamestown) Natives originally showed them how to grow crops and even asked the English settlers to align with them to fight other Indian tribes. However, as Jamestownians kept taking more and more land their relationships turned bitter and the powhatans revolted in 1622 and 164 * Wars, loss of land, social upheaval, and disease combined to devastate Native communities. * reservations, or “manors” were never given to them

Spanish: * Treated Natives horribly, slavery, murder, including the abusive churches that had a tendency to torture and execute Natives who refused to convert to Christianity. * Juan de Onate, first governor of New Mexico was known for hacking off the legs of Pueblos who refused to pay his hefty tax or refused to embrace the Bible. * The Vatican and Spanish Crown would go as far as forbidding slavery and murder, however the settlers continued their atrocities anyways. * "Black Legend" was created after the Spanish invaders killed, enslaved, and infected natives with disease

French: * Their economy was mostly based off the trapping trade. * Exotic furs proved to be very valuable so obviously they

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