College Admissions Essay: My Personal Experiences

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My first job was a “young boy living in the suburbs” cliche; a paperboy. Entering the sixth grade, I undertook the responsibility of delivering the biweekly newspapers for the Suburban Trends, a local newspaper, to the nearby houses in my neighborhood. I would embark on this mission to deliver the papers on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings, even on holidays. Every other week on Wednesday afternoon I would collect the $2.30 of payment from the houses that owed money, but many houses would pay annually for the entire year worth of papers. Sometimes houses wouldn’t be able to pay every week so they would just have to pay more the next weeks. The best time of the year to be a paperboy was the holiday season around Christmas and New Years since most people would give holiday cards and would tip double or triple the usual amount. Sometimes during Christmas I would even get gifts, like a Rubik's cube. The most memorable time I experienced in my first job being a paperboy was in the midst of a blizzard, when I had to deliver my papers in a foot of snow. The snow was still falling around me, so the job took about 2 hours longer than usual average of about 45 minutes. Since I couldn’t ride my bike in the snow I had to walk, but it was a lot of fun for me because I like the cold weather and …show more content…
Being a paperboy was also good exercise riding my bike around everywhere; it helped me stay in top shape for soccer. I eventually had to quit being paperboy freshman year of high school because I applied at Star Lake Salvation Army Camp for a job as a server which gave me more hours and better pay. Being a paperboy was a great experience for me since I got money, learned the value of money and how long it takes to make money, and also I learn that having a job can be hard

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