Summer or Part-time jobs

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Osvaldo Delgado
Mrs. Fetters
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November 5, 2013

Summer or Part-time Jobs

Many people tend to believe that summer jobs are better than part-time jobs, however, I think differently. If I were to choose between summer jobs or part-time jobs I would choose part-time jobs. There are many reasons for why I think this is better for me and why it is the best choice people should choose.

When it comes to looking for jobs, many individuals feel that getting part time jobs is the best thing to do. I would say that it is true. The reason is because I get to have a job that is not full-time, but it is a job that I get to have till I get tired of working. Getting a part-time means money because I get to work for any hours that I want. Although I feel like it can get really tiring, it would not matter because I get to do something that I never did and see how it is to get “full-time job.” Even though it is a good thing, it also has its cons. Getting a part-time means not having free time. I really like going out to chill with my friends or family, going to the movies, or usually go to the beach. When getting a part-time it means that I would not have time to do some of those things because what if my schedule were to change over the weekends? Or I get put on the schedule on the days that I want off to hangout with my friends. Yeah getting a part-time job could be the best thing, but it does have its cons.

Although part-time jobs could be the best for me, summer jobs can also be a good thing in that it is only a temporary job and that is it. I feel that summer jobs are the best because I get to distract myself and I would not have to be bored at home or do chores. Over the summer I was given the opportunity to work. I felt that it was the best experience that I had; I was able to experience something that I did not know I was going to do. I really was able to distract myself over the summer. I was able to see how it was to earn money. I did like my job,...
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