Why I Chose Social Psychology as My Major Course

Topics: Psychology, Management, Sociology Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Statement of Purpose
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I grow up in an environment with many people coming and going when I was young as my family ran a garage, there I learned how to reduce the cost, make more benefits, deal with all kinds of people as a owner from my father, his success and integrity inspired me must be an outstanding person as he is. In order to continue my academic and live until graduation I had to take a part-time job. Being a salesman in the supplementary school was my first job and I contacted with different kinds of students there everyday, and from that I learned how to keep a good relationship with people. Because of my effort to increase the sales, I was promoting to be an official staff, and then I started to stand on the stage and become a teacher when I was in my sophomore year. It was different from school life and even more interesting me.

Since young I was interest in observing the behavior and thoughts of human beings, I chose Shih Hsin University where I majored in Social Psychology. I’m glad that I took Social Psychology as my major course, because wherever man lives and works, social psychology is always useful. After graduating from university I in medially joined a management consulting company and in the same year had a business trip to main land china alone. As a consulter in training field, I learned a lot of valuable experience from my clients such as TSMC, Novartis Taiwan, Quanta Computer, Quaker Taiwan and in the course of my work I have had many opportunities to meet human resource managers and participate in the planning of this companies’ core competence, training management and human development strategies. To sum up, my one and half years of experience in manage consulting company contributed much to the development of my ability to think independently and to lead and conduct relations with people.

In 2003 I entered the President Chain Store Corp and become a training planner responsible for...
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