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A First Day At A Job

By EssaySwap Contributor Feb 01, 2008 565 Words
September 14, 1992, mixed feeling, dressed and went to work, entered front door, greeted by Chief Engineer, was introduced to staff, given job description, showed office, mahogany desk, computer, typed on computer, visited other section, learnt about functions, cleared my desk, cover & turn off computer, talk to Mr. Penn, say good afternoon, went outside to wait for mom, sat down on chair, reflected on past, felt grateful, mother came, asked how was it.

I can never forget the first day I started working. I woke up on that morning September 14, 1992 having mixed feelings. I was feeling anxious because I never worked before, and I anticipated getting my first salary. On the other hand, I was feeling fearful wondering what it would be like and how I would handle myself. Nevertheless, I got dressed, looking very professional in a black and white pin-stripped pants suit, and I went to the Water and Sewerage Department.

As soon as I entered the front door of the blue and white concrete building, the chief Engineer, Mr. Gary Penn, greeted me very enthusiastically. He welcomed me to the department and introduced me to the staff. He then turned me over to my supervisor, Ms. Antoinette Warner. Ms. Warner also welcomed me and wished me success. She then gave me my job description and a booklet with the principles and guidelines of the department and showed me to my office.

I stood by the door and took a good look at my office. It was not very big, but the furnishings looked very expensive. I entered the room and placed my black leather handbag inside the drawer of the mahogany desk. After turning on the computer, I started familiarizing myself with Microsoft Word knowing that the program will be important in carrying out my duties. I typed two practice letters perfectly and I began to feel confident that I would be productive. After that, I went to different sections of the department and was given a brief description of the specific functions. I interrupted the tour to have had lunch and continued thereafter.

It was nearing the end of the workday so I went back to my office to clear my desk. I then made sure that the computer was turned off and properly covered. As I was about to leave my office, Mr. Penn came in and asked me "how was it?" I told him that at first I was a little fearful but now more confident and relaxed. He then wished me a good afternoon and said "I'll see you tomorrow." I told him "ok." After wishing the rest of the staff a good afternoon, I left the office.

When I got outside my mother was there as yet so I sat down in a chair on the porch. While sitting, and upon reflecting on the past I started to feel more responsible than when I was going to school. I felt very proud to know that I would be earning my own money and would be able to support myself financially. In addition, I felt a sense of gratitude to my parents for working hard day and night to make sure that I went through secondary school. Finally, my mother came and her first words to me were "how was it?" I told her that it was very good and my confidence has grown tremendously.

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