Close Security Prison

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close Close Security Prison

In a close security prison, offenders housed here are an escape/flight risk, they have histories of assaults, and an offender may be held there because of other charges pending for a different law enforcement agency, the offenders in this prison never leave to do anything outside of the prison and they are supervised 24 hrs a day by a correctional officer (“State Prisons,” 2013). These prisons are usually set up with single cells but have been doubled, they are divided into cell blocks that can be in one building or multiple buildings, they have remote controlled cell doors and every cell has its own plumbing fixtures (sink & toilet). The outside of the prison consists of a double fence, armed guards in the watch towers, and sometimes with armed moving patrols, often there is a third fence placed in the middle equipped with lethal electrical voltage. Inmates are permitted release from their cells for work or to join corrective programs within the prison (De Maille, 2007).

Priorities to be discussed for changes for this prison are: Security issues, inmate safety and needs, staff safety and needs, and public security, as warden my priorities are to strengthen security on outside perimeter as well as inside the prison, adding more advanced security systems, such as advanced vehicle interrogation and notification system (AVIAN), this system detects the presence of a person that is hiding inside of a vehicle the system reads the shockwave generated by the heart beating, which links to any surface or object that the body is in contact with and comes at a reasonable cost. AVIAN has had success in locating illegal immigrants and from stopping prisoners from escaping out in trucks or cars leaving from the prison (“Avian heartbeat detector,” 2004). I will be adding more correctional officers, two more armed guards per tower, laser detection, cameras, electric perimeter and extra lighting (“SD state prison to get more officers, security...
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