Jail Security

Topics: Prison, Crime, Violence Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Jail Security
Manuela Randall

Consistent jail security is a
crucial aspect in today’s correctional facilities. Examples from around the US prove that the
lack of proper control results in negative if not disastrous effects.
Prisoners are isolated from
the world for a reason. Many are considered dangerous and kept segregated. Contact with outside sources and opportunities to interact with civilians are restricted for the benefit and safety of society based on the crimes the inmate has committed. Even a seemingly small breech in security has the possibility of unwanted serious results.

One example can be found in
an oversight at the Yakima County Jail in November of 2010 where a simple oversight allowed inmates free reign on phone time. An inmate booked into the Yakima Co jail has the ability to call their lawyer on a non recorded line for attorney/client privilege. One inmate’s attorney registered her home number as the client number, therefore blocking it from jail recordings. She then attached a bridging device and gave that number to several inmates. This allowed them an open line to any phone in the country, free and clear of recordings. The simple act of double checking the phone numbers that were registered could have stopped this from happening. Instead, witness intimidation, escape planning, and planning infiltration of contraband was conducted for over a month by inmates who were supposed to be securely removed from society.

Jailer safety is large
concern as well and inmates with histories of violent crimes pose a particular threat. Special segregation, backup officers, and exclusion of privileges assure more control over such inmates. A simple oversight or lapse of judgment can pose a particular threat.

In the Galveston Co jail, one
jailer left his radio behind while moving an inmate from one cell to another. The inmate threw the unsuspecting jailer into the open cell and proceeded to beat him to death. The jailer was unable...
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