Healthcare in Us Jails and Prisons

Topics: Prison, Medicine, Health care Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Healthcare in U.S. Jails and Prisons
CRJ461: Corrections Administration & Management
Thomas Schillinger

Healthcare in jails and prisons is a very important subject. All inmates are required to receive healthcare while incarcerated. Some think that it is unfair that inmates get healthcare and people who are not incarcerated have trouble receiving healthcare. If inmates are denied healthcare then the Eight Amendment would take effect. This would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. If an inmate knows his or her rights then they could sue the correctional facility for being deprived of proper healthcare. Healthcare is administered to inmates based on what type of health condition he or she is in. Whether it is dental, medical, substance abuse or even if they have a mental disorder. They have to be assessed before they can receive healthcare. Even though inmates can get healthcare there are some issues that facilities run into while trying to give healthcare assistance to inmates. Even though there are problems, healthcare should be given to inmates because you never know what type of health issue he or she may have. Once an inmate arrives to prison, they have to go through an initial screening process. They have an interview to determine what medical attention that he or she may require and how healthcare will be administered to them. There are a series of questions that has to be answered by the inmates. The questions are as followed: 1.What is the inmate’s overall health status?

2.Does he or she have communicable disease risk factors (e.g., tuberculosis, AIDS) or diseases that might put other inmates or staff members at risk (e.g., hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases)? 3.Are there obvious signs of mental illness or a history of any severe psychiatric disorders? 4.Are medication (if any) in order and does the inmate understand how to take them? 5.Has a physical examination been completed to...

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