Prison Rentry

Topics: Prison, Recidivism, Penology Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: January 4, 2013
In this week’s lesson we have been discussing release from incarceration or otherwise known as parole. When any inmate has been given parole they have to be re- introduced to society. Some fortunately go back and adjust really well, while others not so much. Being incarcerated for years everything you once knew is not what it was when you went in. In this week’s assignment I will discuss basically what the reentry process is, how effective it is, and what is meant by program alignment.

Reentry can be defined as the process in which a criminal has been incarcerated for some time and it being granted a release back into society. With this being taken place they must have served most or their entire sentence that has been given to them while on parole or probation. The reentry process involves the inmate going thru programs that are promoted to effectively reprogram them to adjust back into society after their release. Such programs often involve self – improvement strategies. Such programs would be taught to help the inmate with life skills needed for success in society and help them work towards becoming a law abiding citizen. Many different programs are used to help inmates with this process such as “the prerelease program, drug rehabilitation, vocational training, and work release” (Minor,G(2012)). With the reentry process there are many different affects that take place when a person moves from one society to another. Many stresses are brought on such as where to get a job, where to live, and if I need help who will be there for me? An inmate making a move quickly and not having time to adjust can cause them to fall back in their old ways because of stress and frustration, defeating the whole process of the release. An inmate’s whom is being release back into society needs support to get started and on the right track to better their life and keep them from going back to jail. The help in getting a job can steer them...
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