Prison Models

Topics: Prison, Penology, Solitary confinement Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: July 3, 2011
o Based on the ideals of a penitentiary, what should it be like? o What was the principal goal of a penitentiary?
• What were the differences between the two prison models? • What were the benefits and the drawbacks of each model?
• Which model was considered to be the winning model?

The penitentiary was suppose to be a place that would be a humane punishment for people that had committed a crime. It was to be used as a place that people could get spiritual improvement as well as rehabilitation. It was meant to be a place for people to express contrition for the crimes that they had committed. As for the question of what should it be like, I am not sure if you mean what I believe or what the book is telling us. The reading is telling us that it should be a place for people to turn their life’s around after making poor choices. This is the time for them to find a new spiritual beginning and go on to a better path. I believe that a penitentiary should be what it is and that is a place to put the worst of the worst. These are people that have proven that they do not want to follow the rules of society. They decided to live outside of those rules and they have to pay for those choices. The principle goal of the penitentiary was to achieve the kind of spiritual transformation in a criminal being that was associated with the religious beings of the medieval monastery. The eastern state model was more about having people in a controlled setting and using the space in a humane way. The Auburn model was about punishing the criminals. They put criminals in a small confined space making many of them go crazy. This was a very controversial model because of the way the criminal were treated and for what was seen as a lack of rehabilitation. The benefits of the Auburn model was the fact that it took up less space and you could house more prisoners. This helps with not needing as many prisons and cutting costs. The drawbacks as I stated earlier was that many prisoners...
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