Corrections Trend Evaluation Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice

Topics: Prison, Supermax, Penology Pages: 3 (1292 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Corrections Trend Evaluation
Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice

Today 8 million people are behind bars around the world, 2 million in the United States alone. Some are house in high tech maximum security facility fortresses others are in more medieval looking structures. Inmates are also secured behind prison walls through a variety of sophisticated technology. Correctional officers need the tools necessary to complete their day-to-day task a lot of that has to do with technology. Microwave sensors use a transmitter that admits high frequency radio waves between itself and a receiver which form an invisible electrical field anything internet field disturbs the wave which weekend the signal to the receiver and triggers an alarm. This is just one form of technology that is used in order to alert the guards in case one of the inmates where to escape or attempt to. Another form of technology is robots equipped with explosives can blow walls in prison right or hostage situation. A lot of technology has been developed just for the correctional industries but a lot of the development which s came from defense activities has been applied to the correctional facilities. The toughest and most violent inmates are housed in super maximum security prisons unit which generally have the most advanced technology. Todays’ Super maximum security prisons have evolved as a concept in the last 10 years to deal with some of the most problematic inmates in the system to get them out of the rest of the facilities in the system. The addictive is to seclude these high risk inmates from the rest of the general population so they will not be able to infect the correctional officers or other inmates which pose no threat whatsoever. California has the majority of high security inmates in 1990 they unveiled a state-of-the-art maximum security housing unit at Pelican Bay State Prison; it became a model for the...
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