The Corrections Task Force Project: Press Release

Topics: Prison, The A-Team, Physical security Pages: 7 (1514 words) Published: May 5, 2011
The Corrections Task Force Project: Press Release

Date: March 20, 2011

University of Phoenix

CJA/383: Institutional and Community Corrections


The A Team Utopia County Jail has been built and is almost ready for full operation, but there are a few details that remain and then there will be a press release to report the progress of the facility. Our task force is responsible for developing a conceptual and physical model of the facility. In this paper, we will discuss issues surrounding both models of the facility. For example, the conceptual model will describe the facilities features, where the facility will be located, what the facility will look like, levels of security in the facility, such as, low, minimum, medium and maximum security, how the design of the facility supports the prison’s functions and goals and the advantages and disadvantages of the prison’s design. The physical model of the facility will describe the physical design and how it is represented by a two-dimensional computer generated drawing or image.


The purpose of the way the A Team Utopia County jail is designed is to keep overcrowding to a minimal. The goals of our facility are to maintain a chaos free jail while seeing that the inmates are punished and treated fairly. The A Team Utopia County Jail will contain four levels of security. These levels will be ranging from low, minimum, medium, and maximum. The levels are designed to keep behavioral issues to a minimum. While keeping the inmates separate and classifying them in this manner the inmates and staff will remain safe. The other purpose of our facility is keep overcrowding to a minimal. The lower level of security is for inmates that are usually first offenders and awarded with good behavior. The time that is served is usually short and inmates are transferred to other facilities. In the minimum security section is the section where inmates have been awarded and considered trustees. This is section is where our goals and functions have high priority. The inmate’s sentence is coming to an end. It is our job to see that the inmates have their programs set up so they can begin their journey back into society. The final level is the maximum security level. This is divided into two sections and this will house the inmates that have committed more serious crimes. The two sections are A and B. Section B will house death row inmates that are awaiting execution. These inmates have very little privileges. With our facility being set this way overcrowding will be low because the stay in our facility is not permanent. Our main goal is to see that inmates realize that they are being punished. While seeing that we maintain this goal we will do it in a manner that will help the inmate begin to rehabilitate to reenter society, or have in him in a state that he will enter prison where adjustments will be minimal.

Levels of Security

There will be four levels of security in the A Team Utopia County Jail. The security levels will consist of levels ranging from low, minimum, medium and maximum. Inmates will be grouped into security levels based on behavioral patterns and the severity of the crime in which they have been convicted. Low level security will be used to house inmates who are first offenders and inmates who are awarded with good behavior. This level of security will also be used to aide other surrounding facilities and used for holding inmates who have committed crimes such as, DUI and DWI. The cells will be rented out and used for transfers of inmates being sent to other prisons. The severity of the crime will help determine which level of security the inmate will be held. Low level security allows the inmate to have access to more privileges. (Jailguide, 2011)

Minimum security is similar to low level security and will be used for inmates who have been considered as trustees and inmates who...

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