My Cook County Jail Experience

Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: November 3, 2013

Most people said that the county jail was a horrible and bad place to be. I can agree and relate to the saying. My experience with the county jail was not so pleasant. I did not have many difficulties with other inmates, but I can say I had a couple of disagreements with some. The county jail is not a place for smart individuals like me. I must admit it was once upon time that I wanted to just give in on my faith, but I stayed strong all the way through.

But the county jail shows must people what their missing out on in the regular community. Without any family courtesy a person will lose their mind in the county jail. Even though I had my family support behind me 100% I still found a way to keep myself up in confidence while doing time in the county jail. You can tell when a place is not accurate when the smell of your sleeping area smells like a public bathroom that has not been clean for months. The people you are around are not friendly at all. Their more like bad-tempered and grouchy, I think I was the only friendly guy in the room.

Also, some parts of the county jail are not so bad. There are many divisions that are quiet and more civilized with people that are not so despicable. Everyone that is in jail or that has gone to jail is not always a ruthless person. But I can say that the sight of being in the county is very wild. You have people fighting over card games, TV, the phones, food, etc…You are surrounded by several gang members that are constantly fighting the opposite gang members every day and night. The sound of inside of the county jail is so flamboyant that you hardly get any rest at any time. The noise level is so high that the guards have no control over what goes on inside the jail in the daytime or nighttime. You have to get use to the noise in order to get any rest.

Then the food that is served to you is very disgusting. The taste of the county food will give you the most horrible feeling in your mouth that you have ever felt nor...
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