Corrections in America

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Chapter 2 Questions

1. In what ways have changes in the social, economic, and political environment of society been reflected in correctional policies?
ANSWER: gave way to the peace of society, using a wergild system, church no longer involved with the government, changed power in the organization of secular authority, Industrial Revolution came into full swing.

2. How do you suppose the developments discussed in this chapter eventually brought about the separation of children from others in the prison system?
ANSWER: ‘Prison Fever’ often led to death, the Idea of being more human and sanitary, and allowing separation of inmates by the seriousness of the crime,, by sex, or by status as a member of the no criminal poor.

3. How have the interests of administrators and the organizations they manage distorted the ideals of penal reformers?
ANSWER: Penal codes were rewritten to emphasize adaptation of punishment to the offender. Correctional practices moved away from inflicting pain on the body of the offender, towards methods that would set the individual on a path of honest and right living. Finally, the penitently developed as an institution in which criminals could be isolated from the temptation of society, reflect on their offenses, and thus be reformed.

4. Some people believe the history of corrections shows a continuous movement toward more human treatment of prisoners as society in general has progressed. Do you agree? Why or why not?
ANSWER: They are more discreet on public correction, The punishments are no where near as harsh

5. How many specific underlying social factors have influenced the development of correctional philosophies?
ANSWER: 1. Secure and sanitary structure. 2. systematic inspection 3. Abolition of fees 4. A reformator regimen. 5. The Penitentiary Act 6. Utilitarianism 7. The

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